Panama City Beach SEO & Web Design Event Fri, Oct 13

Learn all about how to do web design & local SEO for your Panama City Beach business. Get more leads and revenue by attending this event on Fri, Oct 13 at 9am.

Staff from Panhandle Web Services will help you learn and understand how to put a website online, keep it online, keep it secure so you don’t get hacked, and do simple SEO so it shows up on Google. Now of course we aren’t giving away all of our secrets, and you can still hire us to do your site, but what can it hurt learning a bit about what it is?

We are keeping the vent fairly simple so people with not-so-advanced understanding on technology can understand it.

Covering the basics:

-Buying a Domain

-Buying Hosting & Connecting Hosting to Website

-Set up Secure SSL certificate

-Installing WordPress

-Installing a Theme

-Adding your logo

-Create Pages like Home, About, Contact, Services

-Get Images/video for your pages

-Add content on your pages

-Set up your Google Map Listing

-Set up other citations like Yelp, Foursquare, and more

-Set up social media pages

-Link your website to your social media and citations

-Create a Youtube Channel

-Upload your first video to your YouTube channel

-Post the video to your website

-Do keyword research to understand your SEO strategy

-Do keyword research for your blog posts (local city keywords like happy hour/things to do, service keywords)

-Create first post post about your local city for blog

-Create first post about your services for blog

-Start building a list of customers

Website Design Panama City FL Event for local business owners