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Brand Identity

Get online or have us revamp your current online presence & branding. We do everything to get your business designed & ready to market properly. Website, logo, Google listings, SEO, advertising, email/SMS list & marketing, other graphic design, and more. Get your business set up the way you want it to but also the right way with our guidance. All to keep your phone ringing & your business increasing steadily.

Search Engine Optimization

Quite possibly the most important aspect of the entire digital marketing process. We do Google listing setup and management (where most of your traffic will find you). Search engine optimization is the art of talking to Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo so it understands your site and delivers it to your customers. We incorporate keyword research, content strategy, and other services into SEO to help your business succeed.

beautiful Photography & Videography

Beautiful videography and photography is a must to showcase your business. Showcase your business, team, and products/services. Use these on your site and social profiles. Aerial drone videography and photography can be done to really give your customers a look at everything you do. This helps your business look serious and professional, and gives your customer the ability to understand what you do as soon as they scroll through your online presence.

Google Business Profile

Everybody uses their phone and Google to find businesses nowadays. Even if you get a word of mouth referral, you can bet that your customer is going to look you up online. We set up your Google Business Profile the RIGHT WAY with search engine optimization in mind, so that you can get more customers. Monthly management of your business profile is recommended.

Content Strategy

Content is the words that we post to your website. Keyword research is done to find the best topics to write about to increase the authority of your website to search engines. Educate your customers and prove your credibility with quality content on your site and social media. Content is a very important part of search engine optimization and content strategy is a must. We help you write local friendly content that news, media, local blogs will love and link to, helping your SEO and local marketing.

Conversion Optimization

You do not want your site to only be pretty. You want it to convert lookers into customers. Years and years of studying what makes people convert is why we have had so much success in our various businesses. This knowledge is used when we build your site and Google listing. Grow your business effectively and reliably with conversion optimization strategy.

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We value fairness, honesty, and transparency.

All work done in America by Americans. We do not outsource a single click of the mouse to the Philippines, India, or other countries outside of America. We don’t generate any website content using “ChatGPT/AI”. It’s all written by humans. 

Website Design & Local SEO Services in Panama City FL

Panhandle Web Services provides local SEO services & web designer services in the Panama City & Panama City Beach FL area. Get in touch today to start your project and begin getting new customers & showing up online more effectively. 

Why Does A Business Need Web Design & SEO?

A business needs to be listed online in order to expand its reach, build a stronger customer base, create a recognizable brand presence, and increase sales. Online listing helps a business establish its credibility and increase its visibility, which leads to more customers. Listing a business online also enables it to provide convenient customer service to its online customers as well as marketing opportunities to spread brand awareness.

Furthermore, an online listing helps a business track customer feedback and provide valuable insights into customer behavior. By being listed online, a business can tap into a larger customer base, who may otherwise have been unaware of the business. Online listing also allows customers to gain vital information about a business, including details about its products and services. This helps customers make better purchasing decisions and increases their loyalty to the business.

In addition, being listed online helps a business better understand customer needs and preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions about marketing, product development, and customer service. Finally, an online listing can have a positive effect on search engine optimization, which can help a business rank higher in search results, drive more organic traffic, and ultimately increase sales.

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